Firewise USA

About Firewise USA®

The national Firewise USA® recognition program provides a collaborative framework to help neighbors in a geographic area get organized, find direction, and take action to increase the ignition resistance of their homes and community and to reduce wildfire risks at the local level. Any community that meets a set of voluntary criteria on an annual basis and retains an “In Good Standing Status” may identify itself as being a Firewise® Site.

The Omo Ranch Fire Safe Council is proud to announce that as of April 2021 we are an official Firewise® Site. The board would like to extend a special thanks to those community members who worked to help us gain this distinguished recognition.

Omo Ranch Firewise Zones

As part of our effort to become a Firewise Site, Omo Ranch has been organized into zones. To determine which zone your property falls, refer to the following maps produced by our own Omo Ranch neighbors.

GIS parcel and zone map 02.31.2020.pdf