Welcome to the Omo Ranch Fire Safe Council website

California has experienced double-digit years of drought in the past few decades, and 100 years of forest fire suppression policy resulting in 129 million trees dying due to bark beetle or forest fires.

Given Omo Ranch is located in one of the state’s wildfire-prone areas, we must become a partner in using best practices for our at-risk-neighborhood and understand we must support those who fight our fires and follow their lead.

Practices necessary to reduce future fire danger:

  • creating defensible space on our property

  • thinning and reducing dried up understory

  • responsible logging practices

  • setting prescribed fires in areas of high tree mortality

Education needed for community action plans:

  • education on fuel load reduction and vegetation management

  • create plans for water supply, escape routes, and communication back up

  • livestock evacuation and care plans

  • utilizing controlled burns

The Omo Ranch Fire Safe Council extends a warm welcome to all community members. Please join us to help create a safer, healthier, more cohesive community. Let us model what we want for our next generation to inherit.