Omo Ranch Fire Water Storage Project

Thank you to all the people who contributed their time, money and energy (especially in the summer heat) toward The Omo Ranch Fire Water Storage Project.  Located at the corners of Omo Ranch and Mill Roads, these four 5,000-gallon poly water storage tanks and connected hydrant will be key to protecting the Omo Ranch and surrounding communities in future fire events.

With a $10,000 grant from Sierra Pacific Industries (who also supplied the land for the project), PVFA and Pioneer Fire District donating a combined $5,000 plus contributions from the community,  this project has been made possible.

Julie Wynia, Chairperson of the Omo Ranch Fire Safe Council and volunteer firefighter stated, “ Omo Ranch, whose greatest challenge in the 2021 Caldor fire was the lack of accessible water, will now have the ability to quickly fill and refill fire engines 40 times over, giving our community not only the ability to better protect our neighborhood, but our surrounding communities.”